55 And 65 Old Broad Street, EC2M 1RX

Approved. Partial demolition of existing buildings and the redevelopment of the site comprising the construction of a new building comprising ground floor plus 23 upper storeys plus 2 existing basement levels (55 Old Broad Street) for the provision of office space (Class E(g)), flexible retail / cafe (Class E(a)(b)), retention of ground floor plus 5 storey building (65 Old Broad Street) for the provision of maker / studio (Class E(g)), flexible retail / cafe / maker / studio (Class E(a)(b)(g)), flexible maker / studio / office (Class E(g)), renovation of Grade II Listed Bath House building for the provision of cultural / event uses (Sui Generis), provision of public house (Sui Generis) and improvements to public realm and routes, ancillary basement cycle parking, servicing and plant, highway improvements and other works associated with the proposed development.