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A warm welcome to all our members, we hope you have been enjoying the London Planning newsletter which is made available to you as a member of CPA or WPA. Please spend some time exploring this website which features all latest on planning news in Central London.

The property industry in central London is a huge contributor not just to the economy of the capital but to the United Kingdom as a whole. The joint CPA and WPA Report, Supporting Development, Enabling Growthfound that in 2013 construction activity across the 11 central London boroughs produced an estimated £6.2bn of GVA. This accounts for 39% and 7% and the UK’s construction sectors, respectively.

The London Planning website will keep you updated on the latest planning and property news across the central London boroughs and has become a trusted resource for many in the industry.




The City Property Association and Westminster Property Association are sister membership bodies, which combined represent more than 400 of the leading owners, developers and investors of commercial and residential real estate, as well as property consultants, across central London.